Water Softeners

Make science work for you and get the best feeling water available.

Water Softeners

If you’ve ever taken a spill while water skiing or tubing, then you’ll understand that water can be HARD. But that’s not the kind of hard water we’re talking about here. As ground water moves around it picks up soluble bits of minerals. The minerals that most effect a home’s water and give water the concept of being “hard” are calcium and magnesium.

A water softener is a mechanical device that contains a mineral tank. Within this tank are small polystyrene beads that have a negative ion charge. As they come in contact with the positively charged ions of calcium and magnesium, those minerals are attached to the beads. A sodium solution flushes them down the drain and you then have “soft” water.

It is a lot of science to simply say, “If you want luxurious water that makes all soap more effective in cleaning, then you want a water softener.”

More benefits of water softeners:

  • Read more about the science by clicking this link.
  • Soap in your washing machine and shower works better and you use less.
  • Little or no soap curds to clean out of your washing machine.
  • Clothes are more clean and softer.
  • Less water spots on the shower and your dishes.

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